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About the Cinemagraphic Novel:


The tattered journal of Mary Shelley is found in a Scottish oubliette, revealing her masterpiece Frankenstein is not a work of fiction, but rather a true story, makeshift autobiography, of poets and pawns in a chess game of immortal figures and secret societies, where she is manipulated by John Franklin, an American revolutionary, who’s secret to immortality has made him and Mary a target of the most powerful men in the world: The Masonic Brotherhood and the Illuminati.

         Currently available in a small press printing.

The E-Cinemagraphic Novel


The Cinemagraphic Novel is a concept pioneered by author Pam Theodotou. Pandora as a bound paper back Cinemagraphic Novel, however, the E-Cinemagraphic Novel, a new form of literature, is in production and expected to be available in 2022. These books are meant to be experienced electronically via the internet or on an electronic device, such as an iPad, computer, smart TV or smart phone. 



In the meanwhile, get a taste of this new experience, narrated by the incomparable Liz Adams. For more information on Liz and her work, please visit her website:

Click the video below to see pages 4-5 of the E-Cinemagraphic Novel.


Click here for more beta pages to experience: E-Cinemagraphic Novel.

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