A note from the author

The tattered journal of Mary Shelley is found in a Scottish oubliette, revealing her masterpiece Frankenstein is not a work of fiction, but rather a true story*, makeshift autobiography, of poets and pawns in a chess game of immortal figures and secret societies, where she is manipulated by John Franklin, an American revolutionary, who’s secret to immortality has made him and Mary a target of the most powerful men in the world: The Masonic Brotherhood and the Illuminati.


*Based on true events of Mary’s life and those around her, the novel pushes the reader to question what they know of history, for all the plot points are anchored to reality.  Tirelessly researched in the National Archives and historic manuscripts, Pandora is a woven tale that flips the script on what we think we know. For instance:

​Query: Could it be possible that Frankenstein was actually based on a secret laboratory in a London cellar now known as the Ben Franklin House? The finding of surgically dissected bodies dated to the 1700’s during the museum’s renovations in 1998 seems to support the possibility!

Click here to read press about skeletons found buried in the basement of Benjamin Franklin's London home.

Query:  In 1776 George Washington wrote in a letter that resides in the Library of Congress reflecting his fears that the Illuminati were a threat and John Adams alluded to a Hamiltonian Conspiracy, years later claiming there was much more to the duel that killed Hamilton than we might know.

Click here to read George Washington's letter about the Illuminati which is now in the National Archives.

Query: And Mary, daughter to William Godwin, anarchist, found herself not only in the company of famous poets and writers but also the disgraced and dangerous scoundrel Aaron Burr when he fled to London after killing Hamilton.

Click here for The Private Journal of Aaron Burr


Could all of these events be the backdrop to Mary’s inspiration or did she find herself helplessly caught up in history? Pandora invites you into Mary Shelley’s world where nothing is as it seems and all the world is a chess game to powerful men who only want to see the world burn.

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Pam Theodotou’s passion is crafting stories with unlikely elements of fact and fiction, giving audiences an alternative universe in which to live.  A writer, filmmaker, photographer and entertainment attorney, her film company NYXFILM, Ltd produces all of her original works.

Pandora is a Cinemagraphic Novel, a term she coined to describe the cinematic styled Graphic Novels in which she specializes. 2018 was the 200th anniversary of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, and the cover of Pandora appeared as original artwork in an illustrated version of the original first edition of Frankenstein published through SuperMonsterCity, now available on Amazon.