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The Chase

The sequel to Pandora is titled "The Chase."

In the years following the events of Pandora, Mary embarks on a journey of revenge. "John" Franklin has taken a naval commission to lead two ships, "The Terror" and "Erebus" to discover the Northwest Passage. History tells us that the two ships would come to a tragic end, but the events of the demise of the ships crew are still a mystery.

True to her novel Frankenstein, Mary, Franklin's Monster, gathers her own crew of cutthroats and pursues him on the newly christened "Pandora," a swift schooner built to catch the military vessels. The Chase results in a final showdown with Ben, and his origin story is revealed illuminating the source of his immortality and the global forces of good and evil that lead him to fake his own death and go into hiding soon after the revolutionary war.



To be released in late 2023.

Until then, enjoy the concept art.

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